Severe Infrastructure Problems Persist in Thessaly, Volos, and Northern Evia After Storms Daniel and Elias

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Villages in the plain of Thessaly, towns outside Volos, and villages of northern Evia are facing severe infrastructure problems following two successive storms, Daniel and Elias, that flooded them and swept away structures, authorities said on Sunday.

In the villages belonging to the municipality of Palamas in central Greece, flood waters have receded, but streets and courtyards in the villages of Metamorfossi and Vlochos are still flooded. Local authorities are focusing on accessibility and road connections, while Thessaly Region crews are working on rural roads, bridges, cleaning creeks and ditches, restoring river embankments, and removing objects swept onto roads by the floods.

Residents of the Palamas region held a rally on Sunday demanding emergency aid, full remuneration for damages, and immediate construction of necessary antiflooding works. They also called for the reopening of the Palamas Health Center, housing for those who were left homeless after the floods, and the removal of destroyed home appliances from the villages.

In the city of Volos, mud is being cleaned out from streets and homes, and free bottled water is being distributed to residents as the water supply network suffered extensive damage. Some water is supplied to homes, but it is not safe for drinking or cooking. Roads have been swept away and villages have been isolated in chaos. The coastal resort of Anavros and traditional tavernas in Volos' northern suburbs have been wiped out.

In northern Evia, authorities are working to restore access to villages with the help of the Armed Forces. Earth-moving machinery from municipalities, the Central Greece Region, and private means are being used to help restore infrastructure. The Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator has provided power generators to several villages until the network is fixed.

Despite the challenges, efforts are being made to address the infrastructure problems and provide assistance to those affected by the storms.


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