Greece prepares a 'protection plan' for possible volcano eruption in Santorini

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Greece’s General Secretariat for Civil Protection issued a new plan for addressing the consequences of a possible eruption of the volcano on Santorini island.

An official told Greek news agency AMNA that the 184-page study named 'Talio' was an “Emergency Response and Immediate / Short-Term Impact Management of the Volcanic Activity Event at the Santorini Volcanic Complex.”

He went on to add that it underlines the high readiness level “in view of the imminent danger of volcanic activity in the Santorini volcanic complex, taking into account the alert level designation set by the Hellenic Observatory’s Standing Monitoring Committee”.

The first two plans, regarding flooding and fire disasters, were presented in November 2019, under the code names of “Dardanos” and “Iolaos.”

Another plan regarding earthquake preparation in Greece, known as ”Enceladus,” will be released at some point over the next few months.

The Secretariat stressed that there was no major concern at the moment as there is no indication that the specific volcano will be activated any time soon.

Numerous minor and medium-sized eruptions have built the dark-coloured lava shields of Nea and Palea Kameni inside the caldera and the last eruption was in 1950.

The volcanic complex of Santorini comprises two active volcanic sources, which is the Kameni volcanic source located between Thira and Thirassia and the underwater volcanic source of Colombo, which is found approximately 8.5. kilometres northeast of the homonymous cape on the northeast end of the island of Thira.



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