Ferry connection between Greece and Cyprus gets the green light from Athens



Greek authorities have approved the reintroduction of a ferry connection between Greece and Cyprus, a line that stopped operating in 2000.

Greek Tourism Minister Haris Teocharis, Greece’s Shipping Minister Giannis Plakiotakis and the Cypriot Deputy Minister of Shipping Natassa Pelidou recently met to discuss speeding up the process.

Greece announced it will offer a dedicated slot on Piraeus’ port, for the companies that will introduce the new route.

According to reports, the ferry link connecting Cyprus and Greece will launch in May 2020, just in time for the peak summer season.

The ferry service is expected to be available once a week between the busy months of May to September and once every fortnight during the rest of the year.

There has been a push for the new ferry link between the two countries after it stopped operating in the year 2000, due to financial issues with most travellers at the time opting for flights. Over the last few years, Cypriot citizens raised their concerns that airline tickets were too expensive and supported the government’s plans to restore a ferry service.

Starting in Limassol, the final destination in Greece will be Piraeus, which is the country’s busiest port and there have also been talks of an intermediate stop, such as Rhodes.