Locals from Lesvos paint Greek flag and 'OXI' at new migrant camp site  



Local residents from Lesvos have expressed their opposition to the Greek government's intention of building a new closed migrant camp on the island, painting a huge Greek flag and the word “OXI” (no) at the site where the new structure is set to be built.

According to lesvospost.com, the Mytilini community in collaboration with the local Mandamados community, volunteers and the municipality of West Lesvos came together over the weekend to create the huge Greek flag and the word “OXI.”

Local media said it took place at the Karava - Kavakli Madamadou site in Mytilini, which has been approved as the new construction area for a closed migrant centre.  Reports claim engineers and other officials will be on-site over the next few weeks to begin working on the facility.

However, locals are trying to prevent the new construction, holding protests on the island and on the streets of Athens, along with residents from Samos, Kos and Chios, who are also currently housing thousands of migrants.

*Source: Lesvos Post

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