Greece ‘wins’ arms embargo on Libya

Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias declared a small win, after the European Council agreed to enforce an arms embargo on Libya by air and sea, in statements made in Brussels on Monday.

“I am very pleased because today the European Council decided there will be a new EU operation that will impose the arms embargo in Libya, in the air and at sea. Greece reiterated what it has said in the past: that it is prepared to contribute to this effort, first of all with means, but also with any other support that is needed,” said Dendias.

He also said he attended a morning meeting organised by his Italian counterpart Luigi di Maio on the accession to the EU of Balkan countries, which was attended also by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. “Greece supports EU enlargement, but the Albanian side must of course observe the set conditionalities,” he noted.

Dendias also attended an event of donors helping out Albania following its catastrophic earthquakes of last year, and pointed out he was the first minister to visit the country shortly after the earthquake and offer its help.

“Finally, I had the opportunity to attend the event for donors who are helping Albania following the catastrophic earthquake this past November. I remind you that, by order of the Prime Minister, I was the first minister to visit Albania, just a few hours after the earthquake, and that Greece has already provided assistance to Albania and the Albanian people.”

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