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Greece's Navy Set for Major Upgrade with New Frigates

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, during a visit to the Naval Group shipyards in Lorient, France, announced that Greece will receive three state-of-the-art Belharra frigates within the next two years, marking the most significant upgrade of the Greek Navy in decades. The first frigate, “Kimon,” has already left dry dock and is expected to be delivered by 2025. Mitsotakis highlighted the involvement of the Greek defense industry in this ambitious armament program.


Defence Minister Dendias Warns Populism Threatens Europe's Future

National Defence Minister Nikos Dendias warns that rising populism in Europe could derail the continent’s progress. In an interview before the June 9 European Parliament elections, he criticized populist movements for exploiting political weaknesses and diverting dialogue. Despite these issues, Dendias praised Europe’s cooperation and highlighted Greece’s active role in enhancing European defense, especially against threats like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He emphasized Greece’s firm stance on border protection and its collaborations with Germany, France, and Poland for a stronger European defense system.

Iron Dome IDF

Defense Minister Reveals Greece's Plan for Air Defense System Similar to Israel's Iron Dome

Greece aims to develop an air defense system similar to Israel’s Iron Dome, says Defense Minister Nikos Dendias. He highlighted the need for protection against airborne threats, referencing Israel’s recent use of the Iron Dome. Dendias emphasized the urgency, acknowledging Turkey’s progress in this area and the need to catch up. The development is part of Greece’s defense strategy, with budget allocations set for the 2030 agenda.

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