Dendias on Armed Forces Day: The Greek military is 'a symbol of national presence and survival'

Dendias Greek army military soldiers acropolis October 27, 2022

National Defence Minister Nikos Dendias said in a message to the military on Monday, ahead of the celebration of Armed Forces Day on November 21, that they are a symbol of " national presence and survival."

"In an age when challenges to security are evolving, the Armed Forces are "elements of our national constitution; they are a symbol of national presence and survival. They send the message that Greece can ensure its independence, preserve its territorial integrity and defend its sovereign rights," the Defence Minister said.

The Armed Forces also signal Greece's role as a "pillar of stability and security in the broader region of the Mediterranean and the Balkans," the minister added, while they have gained the trust of the Greek people through their social and humanitarian work in difficult times.

He concluded by expressing his pride in the men and women of the Armed Forces "for their dedication, courage, their spirit of selflessness and resilience," saying that the Greek people "acknowledge your role as guardians of the homeland and supporters of society."

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