Greek Veterans Call for Relocation of Historic Warship Velos Damaged in Storm

destroyer Velos

Greek veterans who opposed the nation's former military leaders are urging the defense ministry to relocate a historic warship, the destroyer Velos after it suffered significant hull damage due to gale-force winds.

The vessel, known for its role in resisting the 1967-74 dictatorship, sustained serious damage to its bow from repeated collisions with the dock in Thessaloniki on Saturday, exacerbated by adverse weather in March and a broken buoy in November 2021.

The Association of Resistance Members Jailed and Exiled by the Dictatorship (SFEA) contends that the ship's current dock is overly exposed to the elements, posing disastrous conditions for the 80-year-old vessel that requires specialized maintenance.

Despite a diver being dispatched to assess the hull and a tugboat stabilizing the ship, the veterans argue for relocating the warship, which gained international attention in 1973 when its captain and crew mutinied during NATO exercises, sailing to Italy to protest against the Greek army junta.

Originally launched as the USS Charrette in 1942, the destroyer played a crucial role in World War II before being transferred to Greece in 1958. Decommissioned in 1991, it became a museum in Thessaloniki in 2019, but veterans advocate for a safer relocation near Athens.

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