Dendias: Greece is not going to give up its rights provided by International Law

Nikos Dendias

"Greece is not going to give up its rights, as they are provided for by International Law and the International Law of the Sea," the Minister of National Defense, Nikos Dendias, said on Saturday while visiting the island of Rhodes.

"And it is our constitutional obligation to defend these rights, which are also guaranteed by the European acquis. That is the set of rules of European Union law, which all the member states of our Union have subscribed to. Our country naturally maintains the right to defend itself against any threat and in every part of our national space, even the last and smallest rock island," he added.

Ηe also reminded that "the regional unity of Rhodes demarcates not only the national borders, the borders of our homeland, but also the European borders."

"The Treaty of Lausanne, the Italo-Turkish agreements of 1932 and the Treaty of Paris of 1947 fully and clearly establish Greek sovereignty over all the islands of the Aegean," he added, making special reference to the great importance of Kastellorizo.

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