Greek Olympic Athletes Sworn in as Military Officers

Stefanos Ntouskos, Eleftherios Petrounias and Miltos Tentoglou, along with other Greek Olympians, being sworn into the Greek military.

In a solemn ceremony attended by the Minister of National Defense, Nikos Dendias, a group of Greek Olympians took their oaths as military officers. Highly successful athletes such as Eleftherios Petrounias and Miltos Tentoglou were among those honored.

The event, held at the Armed Forces Officers' Club, saw the athletes don military uniforms as they pledged their allegiance.

The list of Olympians who received this prestigious recognition also included Sofia Papadopoulou, Ioannis Fountoulis, Marios Kapotsis, and Stefanos Ntouskos. Deputy Minister of National Defense Ioannis A. Kefalogiannis and Deputy Minister of Education, Religion, and Sports Giannis Vroutsis were present at the ceremony as well.

The accomplished gymnast, Eleftherios Petrounias, who secured a silver medal at the World Championships and earned his spot in the Tokyo Olympics, expressed his excitement on social media about this honor. Stefanos Ntouskos, another celebrated Olympian, also shared his joy about becoming a military officer.

Miltos Tentoglou, who achieved remarkable success in long jump competitions at the European Games and European Championships, was also among those sworn in. The ceremony further highlighted the close ties between the Greek military and the country's elite athletes.

The Greek government's decision to bestow military officer status on these Olympic champions serves as an acknowledgment of their tremendous achievements in the sporting world. It emphasizes the nation's support and recognition of its exceptional athletes, who proudly represent Greece on the global stage.

As these Olympians continue to compete and bring glory to their country, they will now also serve as military officers, upholding their duties with honor and integrity.

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