Defense Minister Reveals Greece's Plan for Air Defense System Similar to Israel's Iron Dome

Iron Dome IDF

Greece is set to establish an air defence system similar to Israel's advanced Iron Dome to protect the nation from airborne threats, Defense Minister Nikos Dendias announced during an interview with Skai TV on Wednesday.

Reflecting on Israel's recent utilization of the Iron Dome to thwart Iran's extensive drone and missile assault on Israeli territory, Dendias emphasized the necessity for Greece to fortify its defences. He stated, "Our country must safeguard itself... Upon assessing the conflict in Ukraine, we have determined the crucial need to develop an anti-aircraft and anti-drone shield."

Acknowledging that Turkey has already made strides in this direction, Dendias conceded that establishing such infrastructure will be a time-consuming endeavour. However, he reassured that there is a designated budget allocation outlined for this purpose within the 2030 agenda.

The Iron Dome is a fundamental component of Israel's missile defence system. It is primarily designed to intercept short-range rockets. Developed in collaboration with the United States, it boasts a success rate exceeding 90 per cent.

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