New museum dedicated to Spartan history is set to open in the US



A new museum dedicated to Spartan history and culture is set to open its doors at the University of Connecticut in the United States.

A meeting between Greek Culture Minister Lina Mendoni and UConn Professor Ilias Tomazos took place this week and Tomazos, who heads the UConn Greek studies department and the “Paideia” Center for Hellenic Studies, presented the Greek Minister with museum plans. He also updated her on the progress made towards the completion of the project, which is located on the campus near the open-air Greek theater, the Orthodox chapel, library, cultural and educational center.

*The new Museum will be dedicated to the Spartan history

The Spartan Museum at UConn will feature exhibits focusing on Greek culture from prehistoric times through to the Byzantine era. Shows will explore the history and contributions of the Spartans and the greater Laconian Region through a collection of artworks. A commissioned statue of Leonidas and a sculpture depicting the Battle of Thermopylae will also be erected. A large part of the project has been made possible through donations and volunteer efforts.

Mendoni said the culture ministry would support the initiative through the provision of sculpture copies, photographic material, and digital media.

Tomazos also informed Mendoni on the cultural programs to be offered at UConn and invited the minister to the inauguration of the “Alexander the Great” open-air theater in October.

Last year, Deputy Tourism Minister Manos Konsolas signed a memorandum of cooperation with Paideia with the aim to support its initiatives for the dissemination of the Greek language and culture.

“We support the dissemination of Greek education in America,” said Konsolas, after meeting with Tomazos.

*Source: GTPHeadlines