New Australian beer, created by two Greek guys

rise and fall beer

rise and fall beer

Two young Greek men, Petros and Yannis, who are currently living in Melbourne, Australia, recently decided to launch their own beer in the Australian market. Named Fall & Rise, the beverage has been warmly welcomed and is gaining great exposure while also leaving an impression on beer connoisseurs.

Petros and Yannis started working towards this goal after combining their passion and knowledge of brewing beer. They entered the market in late 2019 and are already doing incredibly well.

*Petros started a new business and life in Melbourne, Australia

Petros Gygtopoulos spoke to Greek City Times about starting a new business and life in Australia.

“Being a chemical engineer, I decided to start home-brewing four years ago. Along the way, I met Yannis Psimoulis, a professional brewer, who lived in Greece but was thinking of relocating to Australia. After many discussions, we decided to join forces and create our very own beer and company, the Fall & Rise Brewing”.

What makes Fall & Rise different? "We are combining traditional recipes but we also use modern techniques such as dry hopping for better flavor and aroma - that is what differentiates us from the rest," says Petros.

*Fall & Rise Beer has already left an impression

The name itself is certainly one you won’t forget and it has a unique story behind it:

“Once upon a time, Gods and Angels of Mount Olympus had only one goal; to rule over humans using their secret brew recipes. Though one of their angels was stepping in the way! Brewing with non-traditional brewing techniques he was a liability for the Gods! The Gods had no choice but to exile him. The Fallen Angel arrived furious onto earth and started sharing his unique recipes with humans! His only goal was to Rise once again!”

Both men greatly admire Greek mythology and that’s what the inspiration for their branding. Fall & Rise also represents the many difficulties people face at the beginning of their journey in a new country; the difficulties and the rewards as well.

Fall & Rise’s first recipe is the Hoppy Kolsch, which is similar to summer ale, with hints of pineapple aroma – a combination that makes it refreshing and easy to drink during the warm Australian days. “Furthermore, at the end of February, we are releasing a new beer, an Irish Stout, which is a roasted black beer with hints of chocolate and coffee”.

How have Australians reacted to the new beer?

"The feedback has been amazing so far! We sold out the first batch in 3 weeks and we are now through our second one," says Petros.

Maria Petropoulou


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