Lebanese – Greek relations strengthened with latest ministerial trip

Lebanese – Greek

Lebanese – Greek

Greece’s Minister Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias met with his Lebanese counterpart Nassif Hitti, the President of Lebanon Michel Aounthe and the President of the Lebanese parliament Nabih Berri, in Beirut on Wednesday.

Following their meeting, during their press conference Dendias declared that "Lebanese-Greek relations are based upon solid foundations of friendship and mutual respect,’’ adding that the trilateral cooperation of the two countries with Cyprus "has produced positive results up to now."

Both Dendias and Hitti "expressed support for political solutions under the guidance of the UN, both in Libya and Syria,” with the Greek Minister praising Lebanon's "impressive efforts in hosting and addressing the needs of the refugees."

Dendias said he had the opportunity to discuss with his colleague this Monday’s decision at the EU’s Foreign Affairs Council on a new operation aimed at ensuring the implementation of the arms embargo in Libya, then reiterated Greece's stance on a peaceful resolution there.

Speaking of Turkey and the Tripoli government agreement, he said that "Ankara and Mr. Sarraj fuel the civil war and constitute an attempt to acquire a foothold in Libya by foreign powers. Furthermore, they internationalise the conflict by violating the sovereign rights of Greece and thus they threaten peace and stability in the eastern Mediterranean."

After his recent meetings with several of Greece’s Arab League partners, Dendias said he is under the impression that "Turkey’s efforts to expand its influence in the areas of the former Ottoman empire have raised concern and staunch opposition."

The Greek Foreign Affairs Minister was received by Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab late Wednesday.