Migrant household overcrowding among lowest in Cyprus, high in Greece


migrant overcrowding, eurostat

Cyprus has the second lowest rate of non-EU citizens living in overcrowded households in 2018, at a low 2%, with Ireland at the highest at 1%, according to the latest Eurostat figures.

According to the data, 35% of non-EU citizens were living in overcrowded households in 2018, meaning they did not have the number of rooms appropriate to the size of the household. By contrast, this rate was 17% for nationals and 20% for foreign EU citizens (i.e. EU citizens residing in another EU country).

Among EU Member States, the overcrowding rate recorded for non-EU citizens was the highest in Bulgaria (60%), Croatia (59%), Poland (56 %), Greece (55%) and Italy (54%). The lowest rates were observed in Malta (8%) and Cyprus (5%).

For foreign EU citizens, the overcrowding rate was highest in Greece and Italy (both 45%). In Malta there was not a significant number of foreign EU citizens living in overcrowded households in 2018.

The highest overcrowding rates for nationals were recorded in Romania (47%), Bulgaria (44%), Latvia (42%) and Croatia (41%), while the lowest were in Cyprus (2%) and Ireland (1%).

*Source: Eurostat