Bulgaria floods Evros River to make it harder for illegal migrants to cross (VIDEO)

Bulgaria, Evros river

Bulgaria, Evros river

Bulgarian authorities at the request of Greece, deliberately opened the Ivaylovgrad dam, so that the Evros river at the Greek-Turkish border floods.

The intentional flooding made it harder for illegal migrants at the border to cross the river.

This move demonstrates that Greece is taking every measure necessary to guard the borders of Europe.

Yesterday Bulgarian Defence Minister, Krasimir Karakachanov also expressed his displeasure at Greek government plans to build a closed migrant center near the border between the two countries. “A facility for illegal migrants on the Greek side, near our borders, will create a situation of heightened tensions. It is absurd and it is not the act of a good neighbour," he stated.

*Here is a video of illegal migrants wading through the river before the water was released from the dam