NYT report that Turkey is moving migrants from Greek border

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Screenshot 20200314 1228482

Today, the New York Times (NYT) has reported that "Turkey Steps Back From Confrontation at Greek Border".

Below is a snippet from the article:

The country is winding down an aggressive two-week operation to move tens of thousands of migrants to its frontiers. But relations with Greece and Europe have suffered.

BRUSSELS — Turkey has signaled that it is winding down its two-week operation to aid the movement of tens of thousands of people toward Europe, following a tough on-the-ground response from Greek border guards and a tepid diplomatic reaction from European politicians.

Migrants at the Greek-Turkish land border began to be transported back to Istanbul by bus this week, witnesses at the border said, de-escalating a standoff that initially set off fears of another European migration crisis.

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At the time this article was published, this 'news' by NYT has yet to be reported or confirmed by any other media outlets.

Late yesterday near the Evros border, Greece started reinforcing the Kastanies crossing with concrete blocks in order to keep the illegal migrants out.

New York Times fake news