Greek police broadcast message on movement restrictions in 10 languages (VIDEO)

greek police

Greek police say patrol cars are using loudspeakers to broadcast messages in 10 languages to notify people of the new strict movement restrictions, to limit the spread of the coronavirus, GTP Headlines reported.

The message, which has been recorded in Greek, English, French, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Pasto, Farsi and Dari, reminds citizens that movement is only allowed for specific reasons and that when moving, everyone is required to have the “movement permission documentation” and ID or passport with them.

The pre-recorded message is heard through loudspeakers on police cars when on patrol in Athens and other major cities.

In English the message says “Strict restrictions on movement are in effect and being enforced throughout the country. Movement is only allowed for work or very specific purposes. When you are out, you must have your identification and the corresponding movement permission documentation with you. Your cooperation is absolutely necessary to ensure public health.”

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Greece is 892. The number of deaths has reached 27.

*Source: GTP Headlines