Anarchists vandalise church in Athens with vulgar slogans (VIDEO)

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With Greece in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic and having just successfully dealt with a major migration crisis asymmetrically launched by Turkey, anarcho-feminists have taken the opportunity under the cover of darkness on the lockdown quiet streets of Athens to vandalise a church for their political agenda.

A video and photographs published on Mea Culpa shows the vandalism of the St. Basil Church on Metsovo Street close to the centre of Exarcheia.

The video shows two medical mask wearing women on Monday attack the historic church.

What is not clearly seen in the video is the vulgar graffiti sprawled all across the church.

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"Roast my ass',' which is making fun of the custom of roasting lambs on Easter.
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The anarchists write Covid 1 - Jesus 0 - in reference to churches being closed over Easter.
The anarchists call for the cancellation of not only Easter but also Christmas.
In this image the anarcho-feminists ''call for sexual support."
''Santa Claus I want to penetrate (copulate) you but the State does not let me."

It is little surprise that the vulgar slogans graffitied on the church occurred so close to Exarcheia. As Exarcheia is the epicentre of Greece's anarchists, many local churches have been attacked in the past and the area is also a safe haven for illegal immigrants and drug distribution.

In February, a 23-year-old Afghan man was killed in Exarcheia after a battle between competing gangs of illegal immigrants to control the distribution of heroin and crystal meth went out of control.

Illegal immigrants have found Exarcheia to be a safe haven as anarchists established numerous squatter settlements for them, in which many of the migrant men have also used to orchestrate their criminal businesses from.

The ascension of the New Democracy party to power in July 2019 saw seven squats close down in Exarcheia, including the infamous City Plaza Hotel squat.

The vile messages graffitied by the anarcho-feminists has shown that the 81 Greeks who have died so far due to the coronavirus, was a worthy price for 'victory' in shutting down churches over the Easter period.

This attack by the anarchists comes off the back of similar attacks on churches on the eastern Aegean islands of Lesvos and Chios, as reported by Greek City Times.