Firefighters salute healthcare workers on front line in Thessaloniki (VIDEO)

coronavirus Firefighters

coronavirus Firefighters

Respect, from one life-saver to another.

Firefighters from Thessaloniki's Fire Brigade blared their sirens and cheered for all the healthcare workers at AHEPA University General Hospital, one of the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

"40 days ago you were the first hospital to receive a patient with coronavirus. From then until today, you have been constantly fighting to protect the lives of our fellow human beings. From all the firefighters, from the commander to the youngest employee, our immense gratitude and a big thank you. Go on, save human lives. Be strong, be safe and we will be by your side. Thank you," a message from the Fire Brigade read.

Upon seeing the fire brigades, doctors and nurses in their protective medical gear reciprocated the applause with emotion.

“We are here to offer moral support to medical and nursing staff. It is the least we can do to give them strength until we overcome this crisis," Spyros Varsamis, head of the firefighting service in the northern Central Macedonia region said.