Largest supermoon of 2020 rises in Greece

supermoon greece
supermoon greece
Image Credit: Eurokinissi

Confined to their homes by a country-wide lockdown, Greeks witnessed the largest and brightest supermoon of 2020 from their balconies and windows.

As it’s the first full moon of the northern spring, it’s also traditionally known as the “pink moon.” The name has nothing to do with the colour of the moon itself, rather it comes from phlox subulata, a pink flower that blooms in spring in the east of North America.

The supermoon, known to astronomers as a perigee-syzygy moon, occurs when a full moon happens at the same time when the moon reaches the point of its orbit closest to Earth.

As the moon was at its closet point to Earth all year, it appeared up to 30% larger than it looks when it’s at its furthest point from the planet.

The next supermoon will be on May 7.