Illegal immigrants overwhelm Greek aid distribution in a snatch and grab (VIDEO)



A video captured by the French agency AFP from the migrant hotel in Kranidi in the Peloponnese, has shown how illegal immigrants overwhelmed aid brought to the area.

On Tuesday, it was discovered that 151 illegal African immigrants had asymptomatic cases of coronavirus, the largest single day increase in infections since the pandemic began.

Since this discovery, 470 Somali illegal immigrants have been quarantined since Tuesday.

Being forced into lockdown, the illegal immigrants, including those who have tested positive for coronavirus, overwhelmed the food distribution en masse and indulged in looting, taking all of the food in a chaotic manner. The aid workers just simply walked away.


The discovery of the coronavirus cluster at Kranidi was the first time Greece has more than 100 new confirmed infections since April 2. The day previous to the discovery of the cluster, Greece had only 10 new confirmed cases, and the next day after the discovery there were only 7 confirmed cases.

Those infected are not known to have been in contact with the wider Greek public outside of the holding center.

Meanwhile, Health Ministry spokesperson Professor Sotiris Tsiodras on Wednesday announced that there were zero deaths from Covid-19, as reported by Greek City Times.

During his daily televised briefing, Greece’s most popular public figure said it is “a great relief for us to not be talking about deaths, but about lives being saved instead,” adding that the government’s timely preventive and restrictive measures reduced the spread of the virus in the community by a projected 80%.

In addition, Greece’s Ministry of Migration and Asylum on Wednesday announced the signing of an agreement with the United Kingdom in intelligence sharing and cooperation in their efforts to tackle the migration crisis.

As reported by Greek City Times, Deputy Minister for Migration and Asylum Ministry George Koumoutsakos, and UK Justice Minister Chris Philp on Wednesday signed the collaboration agreement for information exchange and close cooperation of their border police and justice system to tackle the crisis.

Update: All 177 blood tests carried out on those who were in contact with the 150 infected people at the migrant facility in Kranidi, were negative for coronavirus.