Priestmonk Euthymius, Kapsala, Mount Athos: The coronavirus crisis (VIDEO)

mount athos

mount athos

Elder Evthymios of the Kelli of the Resurrection in Kapsala on Mt. Athos, in a letter addressed the coronavirus crisis and the Church's response to it, calling all of us to faithfulness, patience and prayer, and to repentance.

"With the fear of the virus, the churches have closed down and the faithful are deprived of the saving grace of the mysteries, of which they have so great a need," he states.

"Yes, the virus exists and we must protect our health and the health of those around us. Fear, however, must vanish, because when man is in a state of fear he cannot think and act rationally and discreetly," Priestmonk Euthymius adds.

"May the Risen One, the Lord of life and Vanquisher of death, comfort and enlighten all of us by the light of His Resurrection, and may He give power and endurance to His people. By His grace may we arrive at the day of our deliverance from sin and from all evils. Amen," he concluded.