Foreign diplomats ‘go Greek’ in isolation

Foreign diplomats in Greece

Foreign diplomats in Greece

Foreign diplomats in Greece are the latest group to join in the isolation ‘activity bandwagon’ with a string of celebrities and public figures already sharing their wares on the internet.

More than 18 foreign diplomats and ambassadors in Greece have joined in the country’s 'Stay Home' anti-coronavirus campaign by reciting Greek literature.

In a video posted online by the Greek Foreign Affairs Ministry's Facebook account on Thursday, the first of a two-part video titled 'We #stayhome and travel through literature', shows some of the ambassadors reciting Greek text, while others recite in their native language and a few recite in English. All excerpts are the ambassadors' personal selections.

"Through the universality and timelessness of Greek literature, from Homer to the present day, they are sending their own message of international solidarity against the pandemic," the General Secretariat said in a statement.

The second part is expected to be uploaded next week.

The video can be seen here, on the Foreign Ministry's Facebook account.