Albania plans to legalise billions in mafia money to strike blow to the Greek minority in Northern Epirus

black money

black money

The Greek government, which regularly monitors the bank savings of some 800,000 Albanian migrants, must prevent Albania's initiative from legalising revenue from illegal activities, as it poses a real threat to the disappearance of the Greek community in northern Epirus, Infognomon reported.

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Location of Northern Epirus

Albanian Prime Minister, Eddie Rama, announced in Parliament for a legal process to introduce illegal money from the "world of crime" into Albanian banks.

This would set the most dangerous precedent for the elimination of the Greek minority, especially on the Southern Ionian coast of Albania from the Greek-populated towns of Himara (Χειμάρρα) to Agoi Saranda (Άγιοι Σαράντα). The legalisation of black money will mean that Albanian criminals can use billions of euros to buying assets, lands, businesses and infrastructure in the Greek-populated region.

Albania is in danger of becoming a troubled state, which, under a special law, will be able to legalise about ‎€60 billion in assets of organised crime, drugs and the mafia, which is up to 10 times the annual GDP of Albania. For every amount of money, the state will hold about 3% of the value, while banks, which are almost all in the Albanian and Turkish capitals, will have the opportunity to clean up and legalise this financial process for drug traffickers in Albania.

Although the government insists there are thousands of Albanian working in the black market, it somehow blames EU countries. They claim Albanian migrants working illegally in the EU is the main source of the money, but it is ridiculous to claim that their 'honest' work constitutes €60 billion and not related to mafia and organised crime.

But the main concern is real estate voted in parliament - a law that paves the way for the Albanian mafia to claim ownership of properties that are coveted by tourism, and in most cases, owned by the Greek community.

The legalisation of crime finances makes it possible to destroy the real estate market, a method that could open up the possibility for Albanian oligarchs to buy at high prices all the lands that Greeks are living in, especially in the Himara Region.

The results of this strategy can also infect Greece, where the Albanian mafia can trade many finances, to disrupt the real estate market in Greece and especially in the field of tourism, shipping, etc.

Let us remember that the Albanian oligarchs bought two Greek banks.

This would be a national defeat for Greece, as it was based on EU membership, a country like Albania, which is returning to camouflaged chauvinistic methods to seduce the Greek national minority in northern Epirus to sell real estate and other assets and remove them from their historic homeland.

According to Albanian media, there is an agreement between Rama and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to relocate 30,000 refugees and illegal immigrants from Turkey to Albania in the region of Northern Epirus where up to 120,000 Greeks live, as reported by Greek City Times.

Although Greece liberated Northern Epirus during the First Balkan War (1912-13), the Great Powers gifted the region to the new Albanian state. Greece would once again liberate the region in World War Two, but it was once again gifted to Albania by the Great Powers.

The Greeks in Northern Epirus have always lived in persecution by the Albanian state with their schools constantly closed, properties confiscated and religious ceremonies harassed by Albanian police. Now it appears that Albania wants to continue weakening the Greek identity in the region by collaborating with Turkey to relocate refugees and illegal immigrants, changing the demographics of the area from being majority Greek.