Costa Nostrum: proposals for the safe operation of beaches across Greece

greece beach

greece beach

Ahead of the summer season, Costa Nostrum has announced proposals for Greece to establish a post-Covid-19 Operation Protocol for the safe operation of public swimming areas, as well as beaches operated by hotels across the country, reported GTP Headlines.

Costa Nostrum is a certification standard for the sustainable management and development of beaches in the Mediterranean. The organisation’s guidelines aim to safeguard public health and facilitate the adaptation to the rules set by the Greek State and international organisations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The purpose of these proposals is to protect public health and to adapt to the terms and rules set by the Greek State and international organisations for the protection against the spread of the coronavirus,” Costa Nostrum CEO – Founder Vassilis Zisimopoulos said.

For the operation of organised beaches managed by hotel units and public organised beaches operated by municipalities or municipal organisations, Costa Nostrum recommends:

  • A 3-meter distance to be maintained between each permanent set of umbrellas & sunbeds on the beach
  • Each individual (child or adult) occupies an area of 10sq.m. on the free part of the beach
  • Wooden or plastic sunbeds are used
  • The entire set of umbrellas & sunbeds are disinfected after use by specially trained staff with an isopropyl alcohol solution. A 20-minute wait period is also recommended before new bathers occupy an umbrella and sunbed set

The organisation also recommends that municipal beaches maintain a 15-meter distance between public showers and swimmers.

For public unorganizsd beaches in Greece, Costa Nostrum proposes that:

  • Each individual (child or adult) occupies an area of 10sq.m. on the beach
  • Individuals avoid any interaction with street vendors on the beach
  • Individuals avoid the use of indoor public showers and locker rooms
  • A distance of at least 15 meters is maintained between public showers and swimmers

The recommendations will be subject to revision by Costa Nostrum, as soon as new information is released on the Covid-19 virus by the World Health Organization.

The proposals were compiled with the contribution of Emmanouil Loubounis, Public Health Physician in the Directorate of Public Health of the Region of Crete, and medical services provider Cretan Medicare.

*Source: GTP Headlines