Syriza to rename its party in June

SYRIZA Tsipras

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In June, Syriza will apparently get its new name as part of the party's enlargement plan.

At the meeting of the Syriza Political Council - Progressive Alliance, the restart of the party was discussed, with the orientation of convening the Central Reconstruction Committee in the second half of June.

There, at the suggestion of the Political Council, the new name will be approved.

So far, according to sources cited by Ethnos, the name Syriza - Progressive Alliance is preferred.

Meanwhile, Syriza considers a fence at Evros between Greece and Turkey can only function as a police measure for organised migrant flows, but not a solution for dealing with refugees. In a recent Syriza meeting, it was stressed that the creation of the fence should be done based on international law, so that there is a safe passage and the individual asylum application is secured.

"The issue is how the fence will be made and we have some reservations there," said a prominent Syriza executive, conveying the party's line on the issue. It should be noted that the issue was also addressed during the briefing of Syriza officials at the Ministry of National Defence, with former Foreign Minister George Katrougalos pointing out that the fence cannot be erected behind where it was planned.

Also, the former Speaker of Parliament Nikos Voutsis stated today that "the fence in Evros can and should be done, there is no problem in having a fence" with the indication that there is already a 10 kilometres fence that will now be expanded and will become 26 kilometres.

It must be noted that the Foreign Minister of Syriza, Katrougalos, submitted a request for the submission of documents in relation to the two verbal communications issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Turkey.

"Because in relation to a major issue like this, the government must accurately inform the national delegation about Greece's response to the provocative Turkish actions, and because it can be dismissed as a secret of the relevant services, such as the permanent practice in similar cases of a parliamentary request during the Syriza government, please submit to the House the above two notifications, in accordance with Article 133 of the Rules of Procedure," the statement said.