Six police officers injured during protest against migrant camp in Malakasa



Six police officers were injured and five people were taken in for questioning, after residents in Malakasa blocked the Athens-Lamia national highway on Sunday afternoon, to protest against the accommodation structures for the migrant camp in the area.

According to police, residents had gathered on a feeder road by the highway and were heading to the camp. Police prevented them from approaching and residents returned to the highway to block it briefly.

Then, police said, some people started throwing rocks and other objects against police, who used tear gas to disperse them.

According to Iefimerida, two protesters were injured and were taken to a hospital in Athens.

The locals described the migrant camp in Malakasa as a “health bomb” due to the coronavirus. It is recalled that two months ago, an Afghan man living with his family at the Malakasa camp tested positive for Covid-19, prompting authorities to quarantine the refugee camp.

They also claim that the refugees and migrants disturb the area with their presence, as they do not stay inside the camps but gather at the squares and have barbecues near the forested area.

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