New app offers virtual pilgrimage to Greek monasteries

VR Pilgrim app

VR Pilgrim app

“VR Pilgrim" is the first aрр in the world that enables smartphone users to virtually travel to the most mysterious and inaccessible places of Christian heritage, from the comfort of their homes.

With the new app, users become pilgrims. All content is shot in 360° video format, which allows 'virtual pilgrims' to fully immerse in the atmosphere of the Christian treasures. They will able to see Miraculous Icons and Holy Relics, enjoy the magnificent views of the Meteora monasteries soaring in the sky and walk with the monks along Holy Mount Athos.

"VR Pilgrim" is released by VR360 Treasures.

“Often the fast pace of life, workload and other circumstances do not allow us to make a pilgrimage to holy places. VR Pilgrim solves the issue. Using a smartphone, everyone has the opportunity to see the greatest relics and tourist attractions in different places of the world. This was exactly our main idea when the VR Pilgrim app has been created. When scientists around the world are working hard on medicine against virus, when people are facing a new reality with a travel limitations and enforced space between them, we’d like to provide peace and comfort in the time when people seem to really need it,” said development director of VR Treasures, Giorgios Tsatsanidis.

Starets Kirill, Archimandrite of the cell of St. Nicholaos Halkias of Mount Athos, who was directly involved in the filming process, said: “Two years ago, when we blessed VR Treasures for creation of virtual library about the treasures of Athos, no one could imagine how relevant this would become. In the actual situation, VR Pilgrim is the only opportunity to see the holy places with your own eyes."

Moreover, there are about 30 VR films where monks share their cooking recipes which over centuries were kept in secret.

VR Pilgrim is available for download at Google Play and App Store.

*About: VR360 Treasures is a technological company, which creates exclusive and impressive VR content and apps that can attract the widest audience. The company uses the most promising technologies of virtual, augmented, mixed reality and panoramic video to create great projects. In order to preserve the uniqueness of the architectural appearance of world historical places and sights, VR360 Treasures spends a significant part of sales income on maintenance, restoration and development of history, religion and culture monuments.

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