Greeks play a critical role in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, says PM

Greeks play a critical role in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, says PM
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"Greece's experience taught that when the state listened to doctors and took bold steps, it also gained the trust of its citizens," Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated during his address at the first world teleconference of Greeks Physicians (regarding covid-19).

More than 100 Greek doctors and scientists from all over the world participated.

In particular, Mitsotakis praised the participation of many important scientists of Greek origin against the global fight, emphasising that "Greeks - doctors, researchers, biologists and executives of the pharmaceutical industry - work or live, star in the defence of the supreme good: Human life!”

He added that this day "highlights the huge national capital that our country has abroad and emphasises the strength and ability of the Greek who provokes wherever he is."

The PM then underlined that the first wave of the pandemic also offered useful lessons for political life. "First of all, the need for government decisions to be based on knowledge. To "listen" to science. And, when needed, serve difficult choices. Even if at first they may seem unpopular or even inapplicable," he said.

Mitsotakis also reiterated that "Greece is a safe country", stressing that the country's doctors and the state have taken all necessary measures to protect citizens and visitors. At the same time, he added that "our economy has started and our tourism is taking its first organised steps", while through special plans that have been prepared, there is care so that every possible case is treated in the appropriate way and quickly.

Concluding, Mitsotakis stressed that the reason is now the scientists from whom "we all expect to learn the latest developments regarding the treatment of the disease, as well as the prospects of the vaccine. Knowing the efforts made by hundreds of research teams for months, I am optimistic that we will soon have good news. And, as you know, our government is at the forefront of the fight, so that any useful medicine - and especially the coveted vaccine - is made available to every inhabitant of this planet."

Meanwhile, Greece registered 10 new confirmed coronavirus cases and no fatalities.

The total number of cases is 3,266, of whom 55.0 pct are men.

Of the total, 720 are people who were infected abroad and 1,826 were infected by already known cases. The source of infection for the rest is unknown.

Nine Greeks are intubated in hospitals, and their average age is 75 years. Two are women and the majority have an underlying condition or are aged 70+.

The total number of fatalities currently stands at 190, of whom 60 were women. The majority of patients had some underlying condition and/or were aged 70+.

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