Interior Minister: Today Greece is a strong European country

Interior Minister: Today Greece is a strong European country

Interior Minister: Today Greece is a strong European country

Greece's Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos represented the government in the commemoration of the Battle of Kilkis against Bulgarian forces, 107 years ago.

The minister attended church service and laid a wreath for the 32 officers and 749 soldiers who died at the historic battle, where another 57 officers and 3,811 soldiers were wounded.

He was then given a tour of the War Museum of Kilkis, where he said that the city "was freed after a very tough and lethal battle of the Greek army. We never forget our soldiers who gave their lives so we may be free today. In the ensuing 107 years, whenever we stood united we achieved great things. Whenever we were split apart, with neither cause nor reason, we faced tragedies we had to then overcome."

He said that in the last few months the Greek people were more united than ever and Greece became a positive example for the world in fighting the coronavirus pandemic, after ten years of a large economic crisis. "In recent months, the Greek people have been more united than ever. And Greece, which has been tested in the last ten years by the great economic crisis, has become a positive example for the whole world of how effectively it has been able to cope with the coronavirus crisis. So united we must continue to face every problem we face. Kyriakos Mitsotakis' government guarantees the unity of the Greeks. It represents all Greeks without discrimination and moves with plan and efficiency," Theodorikakos said.

"Today Greece is a strong European country with friendly relations and excellent economic relations with our neighbours. But those who scheme against our national sovereignty and our territorial integrity know that Greeks have confidence in the strength, power and reliance of the Armed Forces, and no one doubts that we can face any threat united," he added.

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  1. Mitsotakis is moving us in the right direction by cracking down on mass illegal immigration and the so called “human rights’ NGOS (aka leftist fronts) supporting mass illegal immigration globally.

    That said, we are not in a position of strength. Narrating ourselves as strong is hubris that distracts us from the enormous amount of work that still needs to be done to save Greece.

    1. Illegal immigration not only down to zero but the illegal immigrants, and even some of the legimate refugees that shopped around for richer countries should be expelled. Make it clear we are not going to turn ourselves into a giant refugee camp while the majority of countries in the world aren’t taking their fair share of refugees.

    2. Rewire the Greek economy away from tourism to technology and science. Bluntly speaking, the tourist industry is primarily for incompetent. laborers. Being goat herders, bartenders and cleaning ladies has absolutely nothing to do with Hellenism. Its a national disgrace that so much science came from ancient Greeks and today we have very little scientists of our own.

    3. Deal with Skopje issue, not only be criticizing Skopians, but by criticizing their foriegn apologists as antigreek bigots. The Greek hating liars virtually all try to whitewash skopians ongoing flipflopping identity claims and irredentism. They cliam to speak for the past but can’t even truthfully report the present. Unless we call out thier bigotry they will try to narrate us out of ethnic existence to hide their shame of referencing skopians as “Macedonians”. This is not just a theory. It is already happening. If you read Encyclopedia Britannica it lists “ethnic Macedonians” as a demographic of Skopje… and no ethnic Greeks in Greece. I kid you not