Police are ready for a new wave of illegal immigrants from Turkey

Greek-Turkish border at Evros. SYRIZA

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Greek Police in Evros are ready to face a new wave of tens of thousands of immigrants, who will try to illegally enter Greece.

Turkey's (failed) asymmetric invasion attempt in March sounded the alarm to prepare intensively for any new attempts.

Greek police have stockpiled a huge supply of arsenal and logistical equipment to arm the forces taking part in the border protection operation.

The Ministry of Civil Protection has ensured the strengthening and lengthening of the Greek-Turkish border fence, as well as strengthening the arsenal of the police forces with large quantities of tear gas.

In the meantime, all the staff who will be involved from now on in the operation of managing the immigration and preventing possible movements of large groups with the aim of entering Greece, will wear a bulletproof vests. A fund of 3,540,000 euros has been committed to purchase 15,000 bulletproof vests.

The purchase of anti-ballistic helmets has already been ordered, while the Ministry of Civil Protection also supplied plastic helmets of high-strength for police operations, worth 1,532,640 euros, as well as shields against for the amount of 421,600 euros. The protection equipment of the police forces includes chemical masks worth 762,600 euros.

The broader deterrence plan includes self-propelled specially transported dams and water launchers with the simultaneous upgrade of the Evros border surveillance system.

The Alexandroupolis Police Department proceeded to purchase 2 polyester river boats, with outboard engines, transport trailers and other accessories for the needs of the Border Guard Services, while repairing the available vessels. These are 7 wooden river boats (blades), 17 outboard engines of wooden-inflatable river boats and 1 speedboat with outboard engines.

With these necessary, and albeit expensive upgrades, Greek border forces are far more prepared for the next Turkish-induced border migration crisis that they have promised to restart.