As Greece opens up on July 1, flights from nine countries will still be banned

3 28

3 28

From July 1, tourism in Greece will "open" as international arrivals will be allowed to enter from all airports in the country and not just Athens and Thessaloniki.

According to sources used by Proto Thema, some countries will still have flight bans on them however.

These are: Britain, Sweden, USA, Russia, Israel, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Northern Macedonia.

The list takes into account the prevalence of coronavirus in various countries and the criteria is based on epidemiological data.

It must be emphasised that no official announcement has been made by the Greek government, and rather this is according to sources of Proto Thema, one of the largest Sunday newspapers in Greece that is close to the ruling New Democracy Party.

Earlier this month, passengers on a Qatar Airways flight tested positive for coronavirus, prompting Greece to end all flights from that airline to Greece.

12 of the 91 passengers tested positive for coronavirus and had to do a two-week hotel quarantine, while those who tested negative had to do a seven day quarantine before being tested again by health officials.

Nine of the passenger were Pakistani nationals that have Greek residence permits. Two were Greek nationals returning from Australia, and one person was a Japanese national.

Also, from July 1, ships (sea arrivals) from abroad to Greek ports is allowed. In this way, the entry of travellers from Italy will be allowed.

All travellers to Greece will complete upon arrival (or before boarding) an electronic form (Passenger load factor) either via the internet or on paper, which will contain their contact details in Greece.

Sampling tests will be performed and there will be quarantine hotels in the provincial capitals, where those who test positive for the novel virus will stay for 14 days.

Currently nationals of 29 countries can enter Greece without mandatory testing and quarantine, but this changes on July 1.