Greek Foreign Minister: The list of EU sanctions against Turkey is long

Nikos Dendias

Nikos Dendias

The Greek Foreign Minister stated that there will be a follow-up on the issue of sanctions against Turkey in August.

Greece is asking the European Union for a wide list of sanctions against Ankara, from tourism and banks to the suspension of imports and exports with Turkey, as revealed by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, speaking on Star Channel.

"I asked for an order from the Foreign Affairs Council for [European Union Minister for Foreign Affairs Josep] Borrell to draft a proposal with financial sanctions in the event that Turkey commits criminal acts against Greece. The Council agreed and gave the mandate to the High Representative," said Dendias.

The Foreign Minister clarified that there will be a follow-up to the issue of Turkey and sanctions in August and not in September, as originally planned.

Regarding the article on EU defence assistance to a Member State, which Dendias warned EU Foreign Ministers that there would be a Greek request in case of violation of Greek sovereignty, the Greek Foreign Minister said: "that Greece has strong armed forces that have a constitutional obligation to defend its national territory and will call for the activation of Article 42. It is analogous to Article 5 of NATO, which clearly demonstrates European solidarity, so that we can also be in agreement with our partners. Greece, if there is a violation of national space, will react."

Regarding the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood-Turkish memorandum to steal Greek maritime space, Dendias said it is non-existent and the area for which Turkey is requesting research permits is part of the Greek continental shelf.

"As long as one looks at the map, as I said in the council, one can swim there from Greece, one does not even need a boat," he said.

The Foreign Minister pointed out to his counterparts "Turkey should know where the Europeans are going. It is not only a Greek space, it is a European space."

Regarding the EU, Dendias underlined that "the EU is Turkey's largest trading partner. It can create huge problems in Turkey. The EU, if it wants to, is a global superpower. I do not think there will be a Member State that does not want to defend another Member State."