Defence Minister praises Lemnos ship's captain after collision with Turkish frigate

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Greek Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos had communication via radio with the captain of the Limnos frigate Lemnos, Lieutenant Ioannis Saliaris, Ethnos reported.

The Minister of Defense congratulated the ship's commander for his seamanship and handling of the incident with the Turkish frigate.

The captain of Limnos, for his part, replied humbly that he had simply done his duty and that it was his honor to talk to the Minister of Defense.

It is recalled that the Turkish frigate Kemal Reis due to mishandling of its captain and because he tried to provoke, collided with the Limnos, sustaining heavy damage. The Turkish ship did not keep its course steady and its rear collided with the front of the Greek frigate. As a result, the Turkish frigate suffered significant damage to its stern in contrast to the Limnos which continued its mission in the East Mediterranean, following the movements of Oruç Reis Turkish research vessel.

At least 40 Turkish warships with a corresponding number of Greeks are on each others radars. This overcrowding of warships in the last few hours in a small area of ​​the Eastern Mediterranean is related to the words of the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis who said a few days ago that there is a risk of an accident.

In fact, not only Greek and Turkish ships sail in the area. The presence of European ships is also strong. Outside of the Greek island of Lesvos, the German frigate Berlin is sailing, but it is watching out for refugees, while off the coast of Crete is the French Lafayette, which recently accompanied a French helicopter carrier in the joint exercises with Greek warships.

A visualisation and information on the damage Kemal Reis sustained from the Limnos can be seen here.