What is the extent of damage on the Kemal Reis after being damaged by Greek warship?

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After initially denying that the Kemal Reis flagship of the Turkish Navy that was illegally escorting the Oruç Reis research vessel through Greece's continental shelf was significantly damaged by a Greek warship, a newly released photo ended Turkey's fake news about the incident, as reported by Greek City Times.

The Greek frigate Limnos was watching the Oruç Reis from a safe distance, and the Kemal Reis, considered one of the best ships in the Turkish Navy, estimated that the 38-year-old Greek warship was planning to obstruct the navigation of Oruç Reis.

The captain of the Greek frigate, Lieutenant Captain Ioannis Saliaris, followed a steady course and continued the voyage to monitor the Turkish research vessel without changing direction. The Kemal Reis continued to approach the Greek warship.

When it was about 450 yards away from the Greek warship, the captain of the Turkish frigate had to according to international navigation rules give priority to the Greek frigate – but did not.

The result was that the Greek frigate collided with the rear of the Turkish frigate with its bow. The experienced captain of Limnos realized the intentions of the Turks. He held the engines, resulting in the Kemal Reis to pass in front of the Limnos without colliding as it had intended. And at that moment, Limnos went forward, hitting the Turks on their stern.

A careful look at the photo shows that something is hanging from where the Kemal Reis was hit by the Greek warship. According to reliable information sources contacted by Enikos, the thing seen hanging is a bundle of cables which means that the bow of the Limnos entered 2.5 to 3 meters inside the Kemal Reis.

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By the estimates of Enikos and their sources, this hole in the Kemal Reis will cost millions of dollars to repair, a major humiliation for what was considered the flagship of the fleet.


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