Turkish Defense Minister: Greece needs to shut up or it will become a meze snack

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Turkish officials no longer have any limits, as they provoke more and more with each statement, the latest coming from Turkey's so-called Defense Minister Hulusi Akar.

So-called Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said during a speech on Friday night at the Infantry Brigade training center that "In order for the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean to decline, it is enough for some people to be silent. They do not need to do anything. Just shut up. Those who enter into conspiracies against Turkey as they have done in the past will suffer the same damage as they did in the past."

He then advised Greece to remain silent "so as not to become a meze [snack] for the interests of others."

Yesterday, in a lengthy announcement, the Turkish Foreign Ministry set conditions on how Greece can stop provoking in the East Mediterranean, an accusation that only Turkey makes and is not back by any other country in the whole world.

The announcement by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs clearly shows the annoyance of Ankara after the Med-7 Summit in Corsica where the full support was expressed in Greece, even by Italy and Malta that Turkey thought it had the support of.

"The elements contained in the final declaration in relation to the eastern Mediterranean and the Cyprus issue are products of prejudice, unrelated to reality and lack a legal basis," Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said in a statement.

The Turkish representative also claimed that Ankara is still open to talks with Greece without preconditions, something Greece will not accept because that means dialogue between the two countries can be conducted while Turkish warships continue to violate the maritime space of Greece and Cyprus.

Aksoy said in a statement that Greece should "sit unconditionally at the negotiating table with Turkey" to achieve dialogue and co-operation in the region, adding that Athens should withdraw its warships from its own maritime space.

Reiterating that Turkey is the country with the largest coastline in the Eastern Mediterranean, a scientifically impossibility considering Greece has at least 4,000km of East Mediterranean coastline when accounting for islands, he called on Greece to stop militarizing the islands of the Eastern Aegean, including Kastelorizo, and to end the so-called growing pressure on Greek Muslims in Western Thrace.

Turkey finds itself becoming increasingly unhinged with its statements as it becomes increasingly isolated and will likely face EU sanctions later this month as its economy continues its decline.