Former SYRIZA Minister: Sink the Oruç Reis if it comes within 12 miles of Greece

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Speaking on Alpha radio, a former minister of the previous SYRIZA government expressed particular concern about the developments in the East Mediterranean between Greece and Turkey and that the withdrawal of Oruç Reis back to Turkey took place in view of the Med-7 Summit and the discussion on the sanctions.

"This is a tactical move, since we let it plow for a month and our ministers say it does not do research, while in the United Nations and Europe, say it did. I am worried about its appearance close to 6 miles and then I will see what the government will do."

Greece has claimed 6 miles of territorial waters from its island despite being able to claim 12 miles as per international law.

Turkey has said that Greece declaring its sovereign rights for `12 miles would be a cause for war, despite Greece having perfectly legal rights to do this.

Panagiotis Kouroumblis, a former Minister for Health and Social Solidarity and former Minister of the Interior and Administrative Reconstruction that is famous for being Greece's first blind MP, stressed that Athens should send a clear message to Turkey that it will not tolerate violation of its sovereign rights.

Differentiating himself from the official line of SYRIZA, he argued that if the Oruç Reis passes 12 miles it should be sunk.

"Sink the Oruç Reis if it passes the 12 miles, which we have the right to do and we must close all the bays and expand them, otherwise Europe will push us where it is convenient because it does not want to spoil it with Turkey," he said.

"This will be a very clear message that Turkey will take very seriously, because it knows that Greece has a national army and a national conscience. It is neither Syria nor Iraq," he said.

"If such an issue arises, Erdogan will eat his head and he knows it well, so he will not dare to do anything when he receives the message," the former minister concluded.