Thousands of protesters march in Berlin in support of refugees in Greece

Thousands of protesters march in Berlin in support of refugees in Greece

Protesters in Germany’s capital on Sunday demanded that the government do more to help migrants stranded on Greek islands following a series of fires that devastated the refugee camp of Moria.

The crowd marched through the capital to the landmark Victory Column carrying signs with slogans like “we have space” and “Seehofer, be a Christian” — a reference to Interior Minister Horst Seehofer.

The protest was also attended by the aunt of Alan Kurdi, the boy from Syria who became a symbol of Europe’s migrant crisis. It’s an image that’s now been seen around the world: a little boy lying facedown and lifeless on a beach, his head being lapped by the waves.

“I have decided to speak on behalf of those who can not do it alone … If I can not save my own family, let us save others,” Tima Kurdi said, urging citizens to write to political officials. “We can’t close our eyes and turn our backs on them,” she added.

On Tuesday September 8, a fire broke out at Moria Camp on the island of Lesvos at approximately 2 am after clashes began when some of the 35 refugees who tested positive for Covid-19 refused to move into isolation with their families.

Thousands have slept outdoors on a nearby roadside in the nights since the blazes.

Greece will build a permanent migrant reception centre on Lesvos to replace the overcrowded refugee camp destroyed, Prime Minister Kyriakos announced last weekend.

The German government last week also announced it would take in 1,553 migrants — 408 families with children — from various Greek islands who already have been granted protected status in Greece.

This in addition to the 100-150 children Germany has already agreed to take.

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