Sakellaropoulou: Greece will fight persistently to end Turkey's occupation of northern Cyprus

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Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou on the second day of her two-day visit to Cyprus emphasised that Greece and Cyprus will work together to end Turkey's occupation of the northern portion of the island and to reunify the country.

"Let us fight with unshakable faith and perseverance to end the Turkish occupation and to reunify Cyprus," said Sakellaropoulou.

During the second day of her official visit, Sakellaropoulou visited two cemeteries, the Imprisoned Memorial Graves and the Tomb of Makedonitissa. Upon her arrival at the Imprisoned Memorial, she was welcomed by the Minister of Justice and Public Order of Cyprus, Emili Yioliti. This was followed by a laying of wreaths and a guided tour of the area.

"With deep emotion today I honored the Greeks and Cypriots who fell for the freedom of Cyprus at the Tomb of Makedonitissa," she said on Twitter, adding that "with perseverance and faith" we must work towards "the end of Turkish occupation" that began after their illegal invasion of the island in 1974.


It was preceded by a visit to Ledras Street and the ceasefire line, while a visit to Malounda followed.

Meanwhile, Cyprus' veto in the Council of Foreign Ministers on the European Union's plan to impose sanctions on Belarus is a development that upset most of Europe.

Nikos Christodoulidis, Cyprus' Foreign Minister, was justly adamant that the Cypriot government refuses to support sanctions against Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko unless the EU imposes sanctions on Turkey, which continues to conduct illegal offshore research in the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone.

EU foreign ministers were unable to overcome the stalemate as Cyprus blocked the plan against Lukashenko, correctly citing the EU's lack of action against Turkey.

Christodoulidis stated: "Our reaction to any kind of violation of our basic values ​​and principles, cannot be a la carte. It has to be accurate."