New specialized helicopter unit will join the Greek military

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The plan to restructure the Greek Armed Forces, which was voted by a committee a few days earlier, envisages the establishment of a Special Operations Aviation Unit.

According to reliable sources used by Enikos, this is a new unit, which will report directly to the Chief of General Staff and together with the Special Operations Administration (DEEP), will be the elite of the Special Forces.

Sources used by Enikos states that the pilots for this new unit passed a special training program in France and have already been selected.

Regarding the structure of the team it will be equipped with:

- 2 special operations helicopters type NH-90

- 2 Chinook special helicopters

There is a provision for the future introduction of a new type of helicopter, perhaps in cooperation with the US, which may also have a special configuration for the needs of the new military unit.

In practice, interdisciplinarity is increased and autonomy in personnel and air means the unit is ensured to conduct special operations. The creation of the unit comes to complement the establishment of DEEP, which is an implementation of the idea of ​​the head of the Greek military leadership, General Konstantinos Floros, with emphasis on interdisciplinarity, which finds full application in the establishment of the new unit.

Meanwhile, earlier this month Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced a complete plan to rejuvenate the Greek arms industry and enhance the Greek military in a speech at the Thessaloniki International Fair.

Mitsotakis said “in recent years, the defense sector has experienced disinvestment after a period of high costs and ignored the armament programs. Well, it’s time to balance needs and opportunities. It is time to strengthen the Armed Forces as a legacy for the security of the country. But also as a supreme obligation to the Greeks, who will bear the cost. It is the price of our place on the map."