Unaccompanied child migrant uses foul language against Greeks while others trash hotel room (VIDEOS)

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A video has emerged online of a child migrant staying in a hotel in Central Greece "expressing his gratitude" for being hosted in the country, after entering illegally, by using foul language.

"Video taken inside the hotel where the minor migrants are in Kamena Vourla, while locals demonstrate about the situation. A girl (with Greek accent) tells them to speak to the media (and lie again) - and the 'poor refugee' shares his valuable opinion about us," wrote the Twitter user that uploaded the video.

In the video, most of what the girl says is inaudible. You can hear her mention "the media" and "the news," while also hearing for a period some Arabic. After the Arabic ends and the girl stops speaking, followed by a short break, you hear a boy say "f### all Greeks, Greeks all f###."


The same twitter user also uploaded another video from the Kamena Vourla camp, where what to appears to be a Syrian, claim that him and others were beaten by the police and local residents, whilst the other boys in the video laugh.

"The minors in Kamena Vourla, that were taken from Moria and started destroying the hotel that is hosting them last night. Now they say that the police and locals beat them, which is obviously a lie, since they all are laughing in the video. This group is coming to Europe," the twitter user wrote.


About 100 illegal immigrants arrived in Kamena Vourla on Wednesday afternoon as part of the effort to decongest Greek islands. The illegal immigrants, including unaccompanied children, are accommodated in a hotel, which was closed before their arrival and within two days was prepared to accommodate them.

Many of the hotel rooms have already been trashed by the illegal immigrants.

As soon as the movement of illegal immigrants to Kamena Vourla became known, residents of the area gathered at the spot to express their opposition.

Their transfer to the area was opposed by the mayor, who complained that there was no notification from the government.

According to the mayor, the places where the illegal immigrants are going to settle are unsuitable as they are located in a densely populated urban area and close to schools.The mayor expressed fear of serious consequences for the safety and quality of life for the local inhabitants.

"The rumored arrival and settlement of immigrants and refugees in the Municipality of Kamena Vourla, and especially in the urban centre and in inactive hotel in the city of Kamena Vourla, we state categorically that it will be strongly opposed  by us. As Mayor and head of the municipal authority, I was never informed about the possible settlement of immigrants by the competent bodies, the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum and the Region of Central Greece, as they should have. We fully understand the effort to decongest the islands of our country from the accumulation of refugees and immigrants, for the benefit of tourism, but we do not understand the possibility of transferring some of them to the headquarters of a small tourist municipality on the mainland, of 2,700 permanent residents, such as Kamena Vourla," the mayor said.