New season of Award-winning Meraki TV premieres October 12

New season of Award-winning Meraki TV premieres October 12

New season of Award-winning Meraki TV premieres October 12

Mark October 12 in your calendars! Award-winning Greek Australian television program Meraki TV will be returning to your screens.

Renowned for its exclusive interviews, wide variety of entertainment, Kids corner, mini documentaries on Greek mythology and news from the motherland, this season will also see a bigger and better cooking segment with not just 1 chef, but 3! George Diakomichalis brings his apprentice Anna along this season, and Helen Demetriou resurrects her Under 30 Minutes segment.

Multi talented Ana Sevo who brings an infectious warmth, enthusiasm and patriotic flair to every episode, is joined by a team of fascinating contributors from different backgrounds including ARIA chart topper DJ Krazy Kon, artist Noula Diamantopoulos, writer and film-maker Billy Cotsis and roaming reporter Maria Hohlastou.

“I’m so proud of Meraki Tv. Of the contribution it makes to Greek Australia. We connect so many from all different corners of the continent. Our team is so talented, energetic, passionate and devoted. I love that all members of the family sit and watch this together. From the kids to the grandparents. And that is a really important aspect of Greek culture,” Ana Sevo said.

The new season has a fresh look with its new host Greek Australian actress Demitra Sealy. Audiences all around the world will soon see Sealy in the famous movie Fast and Furious 9, scheduled to be released in 2021.

“I've actually been involved with the show as a segment host and entertainment reporter for many years now, since the end of season 2. However, this new season (season 6) will be my first time hosting the show in its entirety, I am thrilled to in the role. I know all the cast, crew and people involved with it and I love them and the show!" Demitra said.

"At its core, I feel really grateful for the show and particularly Ana Sevo the shows heartbeat, creator and producer extraordinaire! Meraki Tv has given me a unique way to connect with a large part of my heritage and culture, my Greek Australian community and has been especially wonderful in helping me find other Greek Australians with similar interests and experiences as me. I don’t want to deny any part of me, and this side of myself and my family is a big part of me. The show really has lived up to its name, it has given me ‘Meraki’. It’s really special to me," she continued.

Made by Greeks for Greeks living in Australia, one of the show’s main goals is to enable second, third and fourth generation Greeks to connect, share their unique experience, learn about the positive aspects of their culture and feel pride in their heritage and the connection that they feel towards it.

Get ready to wander through the most beautiful travel spots in Greece with Meraki’s new travel segment produced exclusively for Meraki TV.

So set a reminder for every Monday starting the 12th October- 7pm Aurora Channel on Foxtel.