Restrictive Covid-19 measures imposed on Kythnos

Restrictive Covid-19 measures imposed on Kythnos

Restrictive Covid-19 measures imposed on Kythnos

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection through the European Emergency Number 112, sent an urgent coronavirus warning for those on Kynthos, after the detection of cases on the island.

"You must wear a mask. Be alert, stay safe, stay healthy "the message reads, which urges people to follow the protective measures.

Authorities also announced that Kythnos will go under special restrictive measures as of 5am on Friday to limit the spread of novel coronavirus infections.

The measures are:

  • All restaurants and bars will be closed from midnight until 5 am
  • A ban on gatherings of over 9 people for any reason and in both public and private spaces
  • A suspension of every kind of event such as open markets, panayiria (religious celebrations), and parades
  • A maximum of 4 people per table at eating places (unless they are relatives, which allows up to 6 people per table)
  • Mandatory use of a mask on the entire island, both in indoor and outdoor areas.

The restrictions are in place until Friday, October 16 at 5am.

Greece recorded 411 new cases of COVID-19 in the latest 24-hour reporting period, the largest daily spike since the first case was registered in the country in late February.

This raises the total number of cases to 18,886.

2,961 are considered to be related to travel from abroad and 7,755 are related to an already known case.

Eighty-nine individuals are in ICU. 28 of them are women. 86.5% have an underlying condition or are aged 70 years and above.

A total of 214 patients have been discharged from ICUs since the start of the pandemic in Greece.

The country’s pandemic death toll stands at 393. The median age of all was 78 years and 96.7% of the deceased had an underlying condition and/or age of 70 years or more.

Additionally, on Thursday an Athens prosecutor ordered an investigation into the coronavirus outbreak at a nursing home in Agios Panteleimonas, central Athens, where 40 people were found infected on Wednesday. EODY confirmed that patients who were infected were transferred to specialized hospitals.

The facilities were visited on Wednesday by Hardalias and infectious diseases professor Sotiris Tsiodras. The facility is under restrictive measures as of Wednesday night, with limited entry and exit visits except for the staff, which will be rotated, and the vendors, who will not be allwoed entry.

Measures will be in effect for 10 days (to 21:00 on October 9).