Mitsotakis: Turkey has only two choices because we can no longer tolerate their aggression

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that Turkish aggression in the East Mediterranean “can no longer be tolerated” before the start of a European Union summit in Brussels today.

He also urged EU member states to decide “the kind of relationship” they want with Turkey.

“The time has come for Europe to hold a courageous and frank debate about the kind of relationship it wants to maintain with Turkey,” Mitsotakis said, adding that “One thing is certain: Turkish provocations, whether they are manifested through unilateral actions or through excessive rhetoric, they can no longer be tolerated.

Mitsotakis then highlighted that the issue is also much bigger than Turkey violating Greek and Cypriot sovereingty.

“This is not just because Turkey’s behavior violates the sovereign rights of two member countries of the European Union, namely Greece and Cyprus, but because this behavior of Turkey impinges upon key European geopolitical interests in the Mediterranean,” the Prime Minister said.

In speaking with journalists, he told them there are only two choices that Turkey can make.

“One is the path of dialogue – of diplomacy – a dialogue that must be based on respect for international law, on refraining from unilateral actions and on the rules of good neighborly relations,” or “The alternative path is that of escalating tension, which will inevitably, sooner or later, make Europe take measures against Turkey,” he continued.

“Greece has made clear it wants to follow the former path. It is up to Turkey to do the same, but it will have to do so in a consistent and stable manner,” he concluded.

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