Byzanfest 2020 trailer - this year's collection of Orthodox Christian films

Byzanfest 2020

Established in 2014, Byzanfest is the world's only online Orthodox Christian film festival streaming the very best short and feature-length films.

The festival showcases films which reflect Orthodox Christian themes, beliefs, culture and values. All films tell visual stories which are inspired and guided by living a life in Christ.

All films will be available to view on-demand globally from 23rd October until 8th November (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on the official Festival website:

This year’s event is split into two sections: short-films and feature-lengths.

The short-film section will comprise of 14 films – all FREE to view – from Byzanfest’s YouTube channel.

The feature-length collection of 13 films will be available via the Festival’s Vimeo channel. Some will be FREE to view and others can be ‘rented’ for a 24-hour period.

Watch the trailer for a small taste of this year's collection of short and feature-length Orthodox Christian films.



Byzanfest YouTube Channel

Byzanfest Vimeo Channel

Byzanfest 2020 - world's only online Orthodox Christian film festival


Byzanfest 2020