What are the likely scenarios Greece is facing in the East Mediterranean against Turkey?

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With Turkey increasing hostilities and tensions in the East Mediterranean, according to inside sources, Athens has four contingencies to deal with the provocations.

On Wednesday it is recalled that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that Turkey will give Greece the “answer it deserves” over the Eastern Mediterranean dispute, in what many consider to be a direct threat.

Sources quoted by Kathimereini Cyprus English edition said that the European Council's agreement to discuss sanctions against Turkey in December cannot wait.

“We have a patient in critical condition. We must intervene now. If we wait until December, we will do an autopsy,” a Greek official said according to Kathimerini Cyprus English.

According to the sources quoted, four scenarios are being considered, with the first two being with the aim of ending Turkey's illegal energy exploration in Greece's continental shelf without military force or responding with military force if attacked.

"The third scenario, which is one that Athens has been considering since August, is that of a possible provocation at the nearby islets of Ro and Strongyli, which do not have permanent residents. The coast guard is on standby to prevent a possible attempt by Turkey to encourage the arrival there of a migrant boat. This could pose a problem if Turkey sends rescue teams under the pretext that it is operating in an area under its jurisdiction," wrote the Greek news outlet.

"The fourth scenario concerns what Erdoğan threatened to do Wednesday, which is to send the Yavuz drill ship to the areas explored by the survey vessel Oruç Reis in the East Med," the outlet added.

However, this scenario is considered the worst as it will force Athens to consider the use of military means to prevent the violation of Greek sovereign rights, Kathimerini Cyprus English concluded.