Armenian babies become military targets as Azerbaijan attacks maternity hospital in Artsakh (VIDEO)

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The Turkish-backed Azerbaijani military continue to mount war crimes against the Armenians in their invasion attempt of Artsakh, this time attacking a hospital.

Azerbaijan deliberately targeted and heavily damaged the maternity ward of Stepanakert’s Maternal and Child Health Center in Stepanakert, demonstrating that Armenian babies are legitimate military targets.

Stepanakert’s hospital destroyed by Azerbaijani strikes.

Thankfully, no one was killed in the Azerbaijani strikes that took place yesterday against the hospital.

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Stepanakert’s hospital destroyed by Azerbaijani strikes.

Artak Beglaryan, the Ombudsman of Artsakh, confirmed in a video that there were no casualties but the missile blast was powerful.

Not content with only striking a hospital however, the Azerbaijani military also targeted civilian infrastructure in the city of Shushi, resulting in one death and five wounded.

In fact, three of the wounded are emergency workers who were struck by a rocket when they arrived at the scene to assist.

However, 90 year old Sergey Hakobyan was wounded at his home in Shushi as a result of Azerbaijani missile attack.

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Sergey Hakobyan.

He is now under medical care at the hospital and there is no threat to his life.

To date, the Turkish-sponsored invasion of Artsakh that began on September 27, has resulted in the Azerbaijani military and their Syrian mercenary allies to do material damage to more then 150 civilian settlements.

These attacks have resulted in 11,6000 private immovable properties being damaged, as well as 1,600 private movable properties like vehicles, and 2,100 infrastructure, public and industrial objects.