Greece’s oldest woman passes away aged 115

Greece's oldest woman passes away aged 115

Katerina Karnarou, Greece’s oldest woman, has passed away at the age of 115.

She was born in Gryllos, Ilia on July 25, 1905.

In recent years, Katerina’s birthday had become a topic of discussion, since the elderly Greek woman from Ilia was close to entering the Guinness Book of Records.

She lived through Greece’s turbulent modern history and survived her own personal ups and downs. Katerina was 8-years-old when the Balkan Wars ended, 13-years-old when WW1 ended, 17-years-old when the Asia Minor Catastrophe occurred and 39-years-old when the German occupiers left Greece, just to name a few historical moments.

“I went through a lot of difficulties in my life, but I was in company of good people,” and she owed her long life to God.

When Greece’s oldest woman was asked what she would tell the youth of today, she simply said: “If you’re a good person, everyone will love you. If you’re not, they won’t want you.”

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