Illegal immigrants in Samos loot shops after devastating earthquake

Putin Samos illegal immigrants

For some of the illegal immigrants on Samos, today's 6.6 Richter earthquake was an opportunity to start looting at the expense of the local people.

At a time when people were running in panic due to an earthquake with buildings collapsing and killing 2 small children, groups of illegal immigrants took the opportunity and enter houses and shops and started robbing whatever they could find.

This provoked the anger of the islanders.

As soon as the tsunami hit after the earthquake and water entered the shops, some people came down from migrant center and snatched from the shops what they could. Some of them were reportedly arrested when they entered an alcohol shop and started stealing.

When asked by SKAI television about "how many people came down", the residents answered:

"I saw 5-6 groups of 2-3 people being chased by the police, the port authorities, etc and they entered one alley and left from the other."

The anger of the inhabitants is understandable when they are already mourning two dead children.

According to Lesvos Post, about 60 newly recruited border guards in Lesvos are going to Samos by flight following orders from the Ministry of Civil Protection

60 newly recruited border guards from Lesvos were recently notified to prepare as they leave immediately for Samos.

The border guards will assist in the work of the authorities in Samos as well as in the guarding Samos Prison.